Circling the Lakes

Sweet Henry Boy

2012 found me circling the first of the five Laurentian Great Lakes at  My dog Henry and I took off late summer in a small motorhome called Ecovision to circle Lake Superior.  We spent a month exploring the shoreline, taking photos, researching, writing, and blogging. A leaking freshwater tank cut our trip short, but we did as far as Grand Portage, MN, at the Canadian border before heading home.

A few years later we circled all of Lake Michigan, and then in May, 2019,  I traveled solo by car to Manitoulin Island in the Georgian Bay (the world’s largest freshwater island, much more on this later), up to Canadian east shore of Lake Superior, and down to Lake Michigan in Frankfort, Michigan, where I used to own a second home. Then I picked up Henry and we headed via car ferry (his first ferry ride! He was as calm as ever!) to Pelee Island for a short stay. So four lakes and two islands in two weeks in 2019!

We all know that 2020 was a travel bust due to the global pandemic. Worse, I lost my beloved Henry Boy — exactly one year ago today — due to worsening of his heart murmur and his advanced age of nearly thirteen. Today on this one-year anniversary of his death — that I didn’t realize until I started updating this website today — may be why I’m opening back up to my Great Lakes life.

Thus I’m hoping to get back traveling in 2022. Maybe a little bit in 2021?


Updated 6/3/2021

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