I am just beginning to gather my writings.  You can find links to PDFs of some of my work at greatlakesislands.net.  If you have explored other areas of this website, you will know it’s a work in progress.  For now, here are a few:

Vigmostad, Karen E., Nicole Mays, Allen Hance, and Allegra Cangelosi.  2005.  Large-scale ecosystem restoration: Lessons for existing and emerging initiatives.  Washington, DC: Northeast-Midwest Institute. (Click for 5.2 MB PDF.)

Vigmostad, Karen E., ed.  1999.  Executive Summary: State of the Great Lakes Islands Report.  East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University.  (Click for 282 KB PDF; or see full report below.)

Vigmostad, Karen E., ed.  1999.  State of the  Great Lakes Islands: Proceedings from the 1996 U.S.-Canada Great Lakes Islands Workshop.  East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University.  (Click for 5.1 MB PDF; or see executive summary above.)

Whose Summer Home Is It?  Based on a piece I wrote for my dissertation and shared at a 1997 invitational Iowas State Bioethics workshop held at Michigan State University.

* * * * *

Soon I’ll post my dissertation, which was a study of the views of highly successful real-estate developers.  I’ll also post my published essays and various Great Lakes reports and publications.

I appreciate your interest and patience, and look forward to your continued interest in the Great Lakes, their islands, and other special areas of the world!


Updated 6/3/2021

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