An early passion of mine has been taking photographs.  I find magic in seeing the world and capturing it through the lens of a camera.  It forces me to be so completely present and to glory in the beauty of everyday life.  My galleries can be seen at

I have over forty thousand images taken in various areas of the Great Lakes basin and a few European and Scandinavian countries.  Water, islands, Paris, and the South of France have been special areas of interest.  Within the last 10 years, I’ve taken my photography to a new level and that will continue.  For example, my photograph Paris Rose was accepted in an Art League juried show in Alexandria, Virginia.  I am currently (Feb. 2013) processing and mounting 30 images for the 30×30 Ann Arbor Art Center show and fundraiser on March 23, 2013, from noon to 5 p.m.  Much fun!

I appreciate your interest,  If you want to follow the progress of this site, you will find a link on the top page of where you can sign-up to get blog postings via email or RSS feed.  I promise no sharing of your email, spamming, or any rude happenings if you do join my journey.



updated 2/23/2013

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