Stormy season approaches


Tornadoes swept through about ten miles from here in Dexter, Michigan, a few days ago.  The most damaging touched down for about seven miles and was ten football-fields wide.  By some miracle there were no casualties, not even an injury.  My understanding is that sirens went off and people took cover.  Over 100 houses were damaged with seven flatted.

Sirens went off here and my home was pounded by hail that lasted longer than I ever remember.  I did go into the basement with my dog, Henry, who completely ignores storms.  I took my iPad and watched a video conference hosted by travel photographer Trey Ratcliff of  A very pleasant way to wait for cancellation of the tornado warning.  We never lost power nor did I even see any major branches down the next day.

Here’s some video footage of the damage in Dexter:

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